Skull Creek Sunset – Again

Another amazing sunset while dining at Skull Creek Boathouse on Hilton Head Island.


From the land or the water, Skull Creek on Hilton Head Island is a beautiful place.  And Skull Creek Boathouse is a pretty great place to enjoy all the local fish, oysters,crab and shrimp dishes too.   So it’s no wonder, I can’t ever get enough of this magical place.

Rite of Spring –

Lori Bee, Realtor, shares a springtime ritual she loves: visiting in Bluffton, SC.

So one of my favorite springtime rituals is to go to U Pick Daffodils Farm in Bluffton and pick daffodils and take pictures.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place and the flowers are gorgeous.  I do recommend wearing closed toe shoes of course, as it is a farm after all.

Well apparently they had a very busy weekend because I received this email this morning:

“Wow! What an amazingly busy day this has been. Hundreds of people have been out to visit us in the daffodil fields. So many in fact that we have sold out of all the blooms and most of the buds. This means we will have to be closed for the rest of the weekend and until some time next week. We’ll send a follow up email to let you know when we’ll be open again as soon as we have an idea. Thank you so much for your support and patience. See you soon!”

Chuck and Diane Merrick
So I encourage you for now to go visit their website, find out their location, prices, and sign up for their email list so you’ll be the first to know, when the next round of beautiful blooms are ready!  Take lots of pics and feel free to share on our Facebook page at Lowcountry Livin’.


Stewards of God’s Land … the legacy of Charles Fraser’s vision for Hilton Head Island

Charles Fraser’s vision of Hilton Head Island, is just a part of what makes it so special living here.

So grateful for the legacy left behind by men and women like Charles Fraser, so we can continue to appreciate God’s beauty of the land here in the lowcountry.   And yes, our people and lifestyle are a treasure to appreciate too.

Let me know if you’d like to be a part of our treasured community.
Lori Bee, 843.505.3132,

Pat Conroy explains his love for Beaufort

Why Pat Conroy loved Beaufort, SC.

We loved Pat.  And he loved us.  And he certainly loved this magical place we call home, the low country.  And Pat especially loved Beaufort, saying “I could have chosen no better place on this planet, than Beaufort, South Carolina.”

We agree Pat.  We agree….

We will miss you, but your words will live on forever in the heart of South Carolina.

Solar Eclipse Photo Over the May River

Every sunset is special over the May River. It’s one of my favorite places to take photos in general. Well, here is last night’s Solar Eclipse Sunset. It didn’t last very long, as the eclipse was happening right at sunset and went below the horizon. But it sure was intense.



It was taken with my OLD Canon Rebel XT EOS with Canon Ultrasonic 70-300mm Lens and UV Filter.  No editing other than just a bit of a crop to center.

Introduction to Lori Bee and Lowcountry Livin’

I’ve had a passion for the Lowcountry for over 25 years.  I am now blessed to call this area home and am happy to share my love with all of you.  Here is a video of some of my still shots from the past year.  Enjoy and let me know how I can serve you! 843.505.3132

My Hunting Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse is my refuge, bringing light to my world on dark days.

Yeah that’s a little too deep for me too.  LOL.  But I do absolutely love it here.   Check out this video and you’ll understand why.